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List of Developers

There are 156 developers (including Utility developers but not funding vehicles, OEMs, EPCs or DFI vehicles) in the database.

South Africa has the largest base of developers (location of head offices) in Africa, which is understandable given the nature and extent of its REIPPP programme. However, Kenya (Nairobi) has also emerged as a key hub for Sub Saharan developer activity.

The African continent (outside of South Africa) is still dominated by Foreign developers with multinationals like Neoen, Contour Global, Scatec and Windiga, and European Utility JVs or Renewables divisions still active in the more advanced markets (Enel, Engie, EDF etc).

Development activity is currently favoring Solar with a strong representation of wind projects. Solar shows both single technology developers and generalist given its technology ease and of course specific programmes for Solar emerging through Get FiT and Scaling Solar initiatives.